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Francesco is a communicator, advertising graphic designer and multi-instrumentalist.

Since he was 12 he began to approach music with the guitar, at 15 he decided to join the study of the electric bass.

As a bassist he has had the opportunity to play in many groups with totally different genres and has had great satisfaction, playing throughout the Veneto.

Currently he plays the synthesizer and other midi sound modules with the musical group Derange and, for about 6 years, he has been a drummer and composer of alternative electronic music.

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Alessandro Castagna is a 27-year-old boy from Vicenza who meets music from an early age, which seems to have been part of the family for generations.

Starting from the great-grandfather, organ player and music writer, passing from his cousin who plays trumpet and guitar, other family members who play drums and bass, arriving at his father who played the electric guitar.

From Easter 2009 he officially joined the Youth Choir of the parish of Monteviale as a guitarist.

In March 2012 he was called by the musical group “Derange” to occupy the position of rhythm guitarist and second voice.

Currently in the group "Derange" he plays acoustic guitar, flutes and has become the main voice, constantly evolving to create and research an increasingly refined style.


fra Francesco nasce a Trento, classe 1986.
La musica fa parte della sua vita da sempre e nasce in casa guardando alla passione del padre violinista. All’età di 11 anni intraprende lo studio del Flauto Traverso, che lo porterà nel 2007 a conseguire la Laurea Triennale presso il Conservatorio di Musica “F.A. Bonporti” di Trento e Riva del Garda.
Accanto agli studi, Francesco ha sempre cercato di vivere l’arte della musica in dialogo con la fede, dirigendo o suonando il flauto traverso, la chitarra e la tastiera nel coro giovani parrocchiale.
Nel 2007 intraprende il cammino nell’Ordine dei frati minori e la passione della musica continua ad accompagnarlo nel comporre diverse canzoni e nell’accompagnare diversi cori giovani. Dal 2021 ha iniziato questa avventura come amico e fratello insieme a Lorenzo, Antonio, Francesco, Alessandro, Oscar e Cristiano per annunciare attraverso l’arte della musica che in Lui tutto è possibile.




Oscar, born in 1992, began his musical journey about three years ago by learning to play the classical guitar as a self-taught, taking some private lessons and attending musician friends.

Thus began to support Antonio Todesco in the animations of the Holy Masses; he discovers his love for bass, a little by chance and a little by necessity, like all bassists, and since 2014 he has been part of an Italian rock band, which then evolves into a Ligabue cover band: the StereoLiga .

His interest is not limited to the music played on stage, but also deals with sound in the broad sense and supports the theater company "La Giostra" as a sound and lighting technician.

His musical influences are the well-known bassist from Vicenza Davide Pezzin, the legendary Roger Waters and the charismatic Flea: he tries to approach them both in terms of technique and style.

He meets Lorenzo as an animator of young groups and, after a few years, accepts the proposal to play together in his testimony concerts.

In 2021 he acquired the diploma of Sound Technician, starting a close collaboration with some important theatrical realities of Vicenza.


Cristiano was born in Noventa Vicentina, class of 1981.

Musical passion for bass born at 13, discovering it as an instrument in a parish choir. At 17, the first Rock experience with a Vicenza band "Arial Rock", a cover band with an international repertoire. Then in 2001 he intends a new musical adventure with " Be One ", also a cover band with a pop / rock repertoire at 360 '. Extremely beautiful  experience that ended in 2003.

After a bit of hibernation in 2012, always self-taught, the adventure begins with Soliti, Vasco Rossi's cover band ... an intense and ever-growing experience.

Cristiano, in addition to thirty years of experience with various parish choirs, also boasts live students with the GenArcobaleno from 2005 and 2007.

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