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What happens if two Christian music bands join in a testimony and music project that sees the Word, the one with a capital P,  at the center of everything?  We wanted to try to find out with our friends Giuseppe Signorin and Anita Baldisserotto, aka Mienmiuaif .  

The Mienmiuaif, better known as the "Duo with the ring", are a married couple who for some years have created a really interesting artistic project, a project that involves music  but also reading: Giuseppe in fact works for "Berica Editrice" for which he produced the series " Uomo Vivo - Humor, life as a couple, God ",  which includes among the many books also one written by him himself, "Letters to a wife".

The lowest common denominator of all this is the will to talk about Faith, Family and Marriage.

To their credit they have a CD " When we will be little ", which I had the great pleasure of participating in singing " Il rassicuratore " with Anita, and a program on Radio Maria entitled " The vocation to marriage and the family ".

Together we decided to propose evenings, initially in the neighboring cities of Vicenza  in which  we face  some aspects and some themes of the  God's word  through our songs.

The evening is divided into a first concert  acoustic by Mienmiuaif  with the execution of some of them  tracks,  introduced by some  reflections  inspired by some passages of the  Bible, a short one  testimony  and some  readings.

The second part of these meetings instead  includes our acoustic / electric concert (depending on the location) where also in this case each song is introduced  by some  reflections  read and conducted by  Alessia.

For any information or to contact us, just write an email to  or at  or call 333-2652854.

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