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This video has been deleted.

Live video of "Solo con l'Amore", played during the evening of Galliera Veneta!

I take this opportunity to thank  heartily don Andrea, don Denis and all the boys of the "Pastoral Collaboration of Alta Padovana" for the beautiful evening! Thank you for inviting us to play at your Pentecost Party!
We had a blast!

Some shots of the evening of Saturday 3 March in the "Santo Stefano" Church  of Mure di Laverda, in the province of Vicenza!

A big thank you to Don Federico, for calling us and opening the doors of his parish !!!

And it is wonderful to understand more and more how powerful music can be and how beautiful it is to use this great gift to do good!

We were many on Saturday evening to embrace Amatrice and all the people affected by the earthquake a year ago.

I share with all of you the letter that the young people of the Youth Ministry of Rieti asked us to read at the end of the concert! You can imagine my emotion in pronouncing those words!

Dear friends of Rieti, not all the people present on Saturday evening are in the photo above, but I can guarantee you that all of them, with their hearts, have decided to give something for the project of the Casa del Futuro in Amatrice. 
Drop by drop we are reaching our goal and it will be great for all the people who have given us a hand to be able one day to say that a little of the House of the Future is theirs too!
We carry you in the heart!

Thank you very much to all those who are helping us and heartfelt thanks to Sister Naike for having strongly wanted this evening!​