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Music is not a job for me. In fact, by profession I am an insurance consultant. But singing has been a passion for me since I was a child; at the age of 15 music began to fill my days more and more. Thanks to soprano Laura Vasta and tenor Domenico Pagliarusco who first accompanied me on this journey, I discovered that my voice was not only a precious gift to learn to use, but that there were many emotions it could transmit!

First with the lyric singing lessons, then with  the musical animation in the parish and the study of pop music, I continued over the years  my journey more and more aware of having  in your hands a beautiful instrument!

At the age of 18 I met Alessandro Napoletano, a nationally renowned music producer, singer, composer and songwriter. After a year of study and work, in 2012 “Tu che sei luce” was released, my first CD containing two unreleased songs and seven rearranged covers in a pop-lyric style.

I was learning  more and more to use my voice, I understood that this was my path, that it was a beautiful path, but something was still missing: Jesus.

It was the autumn of 2012, when, after speaking with the head of pulmonology of the ULSS 6 in Vicenza, I decided to produce a CD to help some people from Vicenza suffering from respiratory failure due to muscular dystrophy. After a few, intense weeks of work, “Christmas” comes out. The proceeds, entirely donated to the ULSS of Vicenza, allowed the purchase of 4 pulse oximeters.

The experience of a job, which has become a service for others, has marked my entire subsequent recording career and beyond.

The following year began the collaboration with Edoardo Piccolo, a young composer and organist, with whom I worked on the creation of my first CD of Christian inspiration: “Thank you for existing”.

The songs on this CD accompanied the testimony concerts that Alessia and I have been bringing to parishes and schools in Vicenza and beyond for some years now. These meetings are organized in simplicity and donated for free to tell what God has done in our history and can do in that of each of us!

July 2015, new year, new adventure. I began to collaborate with Damiano Ferrari when he was young  and talented Paduan artist who becomes the composer of the songs of my second Christian inspired CD. A CD full of musical styles and current themes whose songs were immediately involved in wonderful projects.

Let's start with the one most dear to me: November 22, 2015, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza. "Nothing is impossible" is presented, a song I wrote in memory of Michele Dal Bianco, a boy from Zanè (VI) re-born in Heaven at the age of 16 for a rare brain tumor, which he faced with a great faith the illness.

The song is dedicated, as well as to Michele, to all the children and young people of the Onlus Association "Team for Children" of Vicenza and to all those who fight, have fought and will fight against any difficulty or disease.

From this song was born a single CD donated to the "Team For Children" of Vicenza to raise funds for the Pediatric Oncology Department of the San Bortolo Hospital in the city.  

Again: "I feel you live", the song I wrote inspired by the themes of the encyclical "Laudato si '" by Pope Francis, is selected among the top 10 in the national competition " A song in which to believe ".

"Become a singer of Mercy - Jubilee 2016", is the title of a beautiful competition that allowed me to propose the song "Solo con l'Amore". The song won, with great joy for me, a place in the top 10 finalists.

May 2016, I had the great pleasure of participating in the twelfth edition of the Biblical Festival of Vicenza, animating the evening entitled "Encyclical Laudato si '- Saint Francis and Pope Francis, justice and peace in creation" with some songs.

July 2016, with great emotion I fly to Krakow to sing at the World Youth Day! Housed in the "Sw. Jana Chrzciela" church in Krakow, I had the opportunity to bring my songs and our testimony to the land of St. John Paul II and Sister Faustina Kowalska!

And ... last, but not least: 21 August 2016, on the occasion of the last day of the summer retreat of the Italian National Football Amputee in the Asiago Plateau, the song "A modo mio" was presented,  inspired by the strength and tenacity of  these guys.

All these songs, along with others, are contained within the "Heaven is inside us", CD released on 30 September 2016 and available in all San Paolo bookstores and in all the best religious bookstores in Italy.

From 9 March 2017 to 18 June 2018 the CD was at the center of a solidarity project to support the construction of the "House of the Future" in Amatrice, a project sponsored by the Diocese of Vicenza, Caritas and the Vicenza Youth Ministry, the Church of Rieti and the Rieti Youth Ministry. We collected 19,560.96 euros which we delivered on 15 September 2018 directly to the Bishop of Rieti Mons.Dominic Pompili.

May 4, 2019. Alessia and I are getting married. The joy is really great!

On 25 January 2020 Punta in alto is released, the first single of the new CD, which is expected to be released by the end of 2022.


Parallel to all this, the group “Soli Deo Gloria” was born which, through musical accompaniment, animates religious ceremonies and Liturgies in a simple and solemn way.

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